Evening on the dock

Another look at the beautiful scenery of the Kwartha Lakes. Too bad I didn't have a chance to get back there this winter. Since we had more snow this year, I bet it was even better!

Fishing huts

Ice fishing and ATVing are big winter passtimes up here in the cold north. You actually need a fishing license for ice fishing, even though most people throw their catches back. So instead of fishing myself, I watched others fish. It's quite the scientific pursuit and many of those huts are really decked out inside. These shots were taken last February in the Kawartha Lakes, but since we're getting more snow - it might as well be now! Hope your week is off to a less snowy start.


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you've got an action-packed weekend planned. We had a short warm spell in Toronto this past week, but it's turned cold again. Maybe an indoor driving range is in order? Have fun!

Halftime show

I went to a Raptors basketball game this past weekend. It was a great game with lots of action which the Raptors won by a slim margin in the last minutes! But I always love seeing the dancers work it during the halftime and commercial breaks and let me tell you, those Raptor girls can move! For more red, take a look at Ruby Tuesday.

Chilly canoes

A lot of the snow melted this weekend, so spring might actually be around the corner, even in Canada! Maybe it's a good time to start digging out the canoes and other spring/summer items. I actually caught this scene last year near the Kawartha Lakes. Hope your Monday is off to a good start, my company moved office locations so it should be an interesting first day in our new building for me. For more bright colors to keep you cheered head to Mellow Yellow Monday.

Walls of snow

Another look at last week's snowfall. As you can see, the snow plow pushes the white stuff into a big wall, sometimes making it hard to get out of your own home! Hope you've got a great weekend planned. I'm hoping mine will not include any snow. For more fences, visit Friday Fences.

Where to go?

A look at the old directional signs in the Wychwood Barns. I like the way they've preserved some of the old details of this rail barn. It's a neat place to visit and I'm glad the space has found a new use! For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Barren branches

A close-up on some of the snow that accumulated on one of my lilac trees last week. It does not appear that spring is on its way to Toronto! Hope you are having a warm Monday morning.

March theme day: Cafe chairs

The set of George Stromboulopoulos is not exactly a cafe, but his bright red chairs are recognizable to Canadians. George is a well-known interviewer of celebrities and public figures. He really has a great sense of humor and knows how to draw people out. I went for a taping of his show a few months back and really enjoyed it. If I had more time, I'd love to get back for another taping.

Hope your March is off to a good start - we're one step closer to spring! For more cafe chairs from around the world, take a look here.
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