Sundown on the golf

A beautiful evening sky on the golf course! Hope you have big plans for this long weekend. Mine will definitely include some golf. For more skies, take a look at Skywatch.

A little Moore

I've been finding Moore works all over the place - both here at home and in Chicago! This work can also be found in the Galleria Italia at the AGO. I am thinking about purchasing a one year membership - that way I could visit more often as I just love this place. 

It's a long weekend for us North Americans. I'll be out of town until Monday, but I've got some posts ready for you and I'll be blogging here and there when I have time. Enjoy the long weekend!

Shiny door

The beautiful entrance to DundernCastle in Hamilton, which I still have not visited! The third time will be the charm, I'm sure. I did at least get a few exterior shots the last time I was there with my MiL. I hope it's as majestic inside.

Bright friend

I planted some anemone in my garden this year after seeing photos on EG Camera Girl's blog last summer. I read somewhere that they go well with dahlias, so I planted them all together in one bed. So far, I've had very good luck with this little beauty! I've had several blooms of different colours, but I am especially partial to this red one. I'm not sure if these flowers will come back next year, but if not, I'd definitely plant more. For more reds, take a look at Ruby Tuesday.

Confidential to my sister: Happy birthday!!!

Black diamond

Black Diamond is another golf course that I often like to play. A few weeks ago, I even caught a wedding party there. They have a little gazebo in the back which does make a lovely spot to say "I do". I think the couple got their married life off to a good start!

Shadows at the AGO

Gehry's new additions to the Art Gallery of Ontario also make for some beautiful shadows. Love how these designs play on the white arches. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! For more shadows, take a look at Shadow Shot Sunday.

Reflections from the Masters

I haven't shown a golf course shot for awhile, the main reason is typically I'm too busy with my golf shots to think about camera shots! But another reason is the photos never seem to come out as pretty as what I've actually seen. I rather like this reflective pond from the Lionhead Masters course though. You can see all the shades of summer green and you even get a bonus reflection on some of them! 

Hope you're having a nice green weekend wherever you are. For more reflections, check out Weekend Reflections.

The skywheel

I've never actually been on the Skywheel, but it looks like a fun way to see Niagara Falls. Maybe the next time we have visitors, we'll insist on taking this ride. 

Happy Friday! Hope your skies are blue, wherever you are. If you'd like to see more skies from around the world, visit Skywatch.

Fancy corner

I love looking up! You never know what you might see, like these wonderful architectural details on a building downtown near the Saint Lawrence market.

Old sign

I don't know if this sign is original, but I found it inside the Old City Hall of Toronto. It's now a court building, so photos aren't really allowed inside, but since this was the top floor near the lifts, I didn't think I'd get caught. And I took it with my iPhone, I'm such a rebel!

To see more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Sweet ones

A pair of touching memorials from the Hamilton Cemetery to young lives lost. I imagine that Daisy and Francis were sweet babies and dearly missed by their parents. For more cemetery shots, visit Taphophile Tragics.

Sunny days

I love it when people get creative with things like a transformer box. These wonderful bright sunflowers make this utilitarian piece of urban landscape look so much better. This one was signed by artist Bruni Nielsen. Apparently flowers are her specialty and I think she does a great job with them.

It's Monday again! For more murals, take a look at Mural Mondays.

Canadian spirit

Looking back through some of my photos from this summer, I realize there are quite a few that I have neglected to showcase. Like this display of Canadian pride at the Yorkdale shopping mall. I believe it was in honour of the Olympics, although by the end Canada only came home with one gold. That's certainly something to be proud of though!

Downsview reflections

Downsview Station is the very first or very last (depending on how you look at it) station on the Yonge - University line, or as I like to call it the west side of the yellow U. I live about ten minutes walk from this station and when I go downtown during the week, I usually use the subway. Sadly, I don't get downtown as much these days due to my job. But I guess we all have our priorities. 

If you'd like to see more reflections, take a look at Weekend Reflections.

Looking out

It's back to wine country! This view comes to you from Angel's Gate winery in the Niagara region. This one was my favourite of the few we visited. I've been looking for their wines in our local wine shop as well! Hope everyone has an exciting weekend planned. You'll find me on the golf course!

Other works

The Art Gallery of Ontario is a work of art in its own right. It was given a major facelift a few years ago by Toronto's famous son, Frank Gehry. This is a look at a Moore sculpture which graces the Galleria Italia, one of the Gehry additions. It's a beautiful space for art!

Artistic genius

Not everyone may agree that Picasso was a genius, but whether you like his work or not, you can't deny his creativity. This is my last look at his exhibit at the AGO. It's still on until August 26th... so there's still time! For a look at more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Strange symbols

You'll find this skull and crossbones on the gravestone of Jason Armstrong in the Hamilton Cemetery. Although we all know that the skull is a symbol of death, I find it odd that whoever chose this stone decided to advertise death so openly. 

Here's a closer look. It's rather creepy, especially with all the moss. If you like graves and cemeteries, take a look at Tapophile Tragics.

Illicit shot: part II

This is one of the shots I had scheduled for you this past weekend. It's one of Picasso's early sculptures. Enjoy!

Island footbridge

Sorry for the unannounced absence, but I was called away to Chicago for a wedding this weekend. I thought I had set up some posts for while I was gone, but it seems they didn't work. I hope you'll enjoy this charming footbridge from the Toronto Islands. It's just a short ferry ride to the islands, but when you're there you feel like you're worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city! It's a nice place to beat the heat as well. 

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. For more reflections take a look at Weekend Reflections and you can also find more bridges on Sunday Bridges.

Illicit shot

I didn't realize that photography was not allowed at the AGO's Picasso exhibit. In my defense, the usual no photos signs (a camera with a red slash through it) were not posted anywhere. Before I was stopped, I managed to get this shot of two of the artist's self-portraits. I love the contrast between his older and younger selves. In case I haven't made it clear, this show is not-to-be-missed!

Doorway to other places

There is a wonderful Picasso exhibit at the AGO right now. If you haven't been yet, it's still on until August 26th. The space at the AGO is perfect for this show and it's so artfully arranged and curated. Picasso is already one of my favourite artists, but I really feel I learned a lot about him and his work from this show. So if you're in the area, GO to the AGO! You won't regret it.

Take a look at more signs from around the world at Signs, Signs.

Loyalist tomb

I was intrigued by the Land Family tomb. Apparently Col. Robert Land Senior was an important folk figure. He was one of the first white men to settle the area which is now Hamilton, Ontario. 

The details on his tomb also reveal something about his political beliefs. He was a loyalist to the "United Empire" and reportedly spied on behalf of the British during the American Revolution. I've definitely learned something from this little cemetery visit with my MiL! 

If you enjoy looking around cemeteries from around the world, take a look at Tapophile Tragics.

Play me, part two!

I hope you enjoyed last week's jaunt to Ottawa, but now we're back to Toronto. If you're interested in seeing more of Canada's capitol, I'll have a few more shots coming up on my travel blog

So far, I've only gotten two of the 41 pianos that are around town, but I hope to capture a few more before the project is over at the end of the summer. These two girls still need a few more lessons before becoming virtuosos, but they were certainly having fun plinking and plunking on the keys. 

Happy Simcoe Day (aka Civil Holiday) to my fellow Ontarians! Happy Monday to everyone else. 

War memorial part II

There is another memorial to Canadian forces just as you come up form the canals to the square where the benches are. One side is in English and the other in French, I choose to photograph the French side. It's a quote from Virgil's Aeneid, No day will ever erase you from the memory of time. A beautiful sentiment and perfect for a black and white shot.

The great one

Here's a look at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. If you sat at the flagged benches I showed a few days ago, you'd have a very nice view of this memorial. It honours fallen soldiers from both WWI and WWII.

I think the soldiers deserve a closer look. The expressions on their faces are something to see. I could have spent even more time discovering this work. The tomb of the Unknown Soldier is also located here. Altogether, it's a very moving monument.

Green grass at last

Ottawa was a nice change from the hot, dry conditions in Toronto. Even the lawn in front of Parliament Hill was green! What a lovely contrast those bright colors make against the old, stone building. 

Hope you've got some good plans for the weekend ahead. It's a long one for us Ontarians. To see more skies, take a look at Skywatch!

Flagged benches

You can sit under the flag of your favourite province or territory at this square in Ottawa! From here you also have a nice view of the Rideau canals and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

August theme day: Numbers

Ottawa has more than historical buildings to offer, they also have a lovely open air market right in the heart of downtown. I saw lots of appetizing and interesting things, like these purple and yellow cauliflowers. I also think the price tag of $1.50 per head is not too outrageous. 

Unfortunately, it appears the CDP portal is down again. Until it is fixed, you can visit the temporary theme day site here. And you can always see more signs at Signs, Signs.
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