Guy stuff

I've shown you the ladies of Central Technical, now here's a look at the guys. Apparently masculine activities at this school include model planes and glass-blowing. 

This will be my last mural from CTS for awhile, but not to worry, I've found more murals around town to share. In the meantime, you can see more murals at Monday Murals.

Moss on wood

You can find signs of life is the most interesting places if you stop to take a look. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend!


I love paving stones, especially when they're arranged into some kind of formation like these. I can't imagine the planning that went into setting these up, it must take a good mind (or at least a good pencil and paper!). If you like monochrome shots, take a look at the Weekend in Black and White.

Golf reflections

Spring is slowly taking over as the many shades of brown turn into the bright colors of spring. Enjoy your weekend! 

To see more reflections, visit Weekend Reflections.

Windy day

Here's a look at the plaza where I got the rogue red tulip. It was a windy day which made the Canadian flag furl out beautifully! 

This plaza is also the terminus of the old Nine Mile Portage. Portages were Indian trails which were often used by the British in their conquest of the new land. The town of Barrie was built up around this site as it was apparently one of the more important trails.

Dark doorway

These black doors will lead you into the Roxx nightclub in Barrie. I don't care much about the club to be honest, what I really like is that stone facade!

Touch of red

A lone red tulip in a sea of yellow. To see more red, visit Ruby Tuesday.

In the lab

Another mural from inside Central Technical School. These two girls seem to be engrossed in a chemistry experiment. I love the colors on this mural and the fact that the artist features female students as chemistry is a science often more associated with males. 

If you like murals, check out Mural Mondays.

Golf bridge

It's that time of year again - GOLF SEASON! You'll probably be seeing more course shots over the summer. This bridge was found at Flemingdon Park golf course where I have been playing with a ladies group on Thursdays. Although the trees still haven't leafed out, things are getting green here in Toronto and I'm ready for it!

To see more bridges, check out Sunday Bridges.

Subway shadows

The spot where I usually get on the subway is actually an above-ground section. You're looking at Yorkdale station. Those two ladies are probably headed to the mall which is located here. Sometimes I drive and park my car at the mall in order to save a bit of time and that's exactly what I did this day.

To enjoy more monochrome shots, take a look at the Weekend in Black and White.

Spirit Catcher!

You'll find the Spirit Catcher in Barrie, Ontario which is about an hour north of Toronto. I had two shots of this massive sculpture, one with the boy and one without. I decided to show the shot with the boy to give a better sense of the size of this work. It's really quite amazing - when there's a little wind the Catcher's feathers start to flutter and it makes quite some noise. Although parts of Barrie are a bit bleak, it seems the city is quite forward-thinking in some respects. Spirit Catcher is part of the Barrie Gallery Project, a program to bring more art to public places. Something I can  certainly get behind!

To see more skies from around the world, visit Skywatch.


This post is for Leia. A look at the delicious sushi dinner I had at the restaurant in the Bloor Street West restaurant. It tasted as good as it looks!

Bench with sign

My husband took me out to dinner at a restaurant in Bloor West Village earlier this week. Neither of us had ever been in this part of town for any significant period of time and we were both pleasantly surprised. Bloor is certainly an interesting street: on one end you have the high-end boutiques, then you get into some seedy Korean joints and now this cute little stretch. Hopefully I'll get back to this area to explore a little more!

Until then, enjoy more signs at Signs, Signs.

Family stone

A simple family headstone found in the Toronto Necropolis cemetery. It seems this grave has been well-used by the Simpson family.

To see more cemetery shots, visit Tadophile Tragics.

Swim team

I found this mural inside Central Technical School where I take a German class every week. I find this one particularly attractive for the bright blue bathing costumes and the diversity of the swim team. The window is also a nice touch, although I could do without the paper sign pointing to the cafeteria! There are quite a few murals lining the halls of this school in fact, and I'll show you a couple more of them in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, you can enjoy more murals at Mural Mondays.

Architectural details

Some of the older houses in Toronto have really cool architectural details, you just have to take the time to look for them! Hope you are having a happy weekend.


Another look at some of the Inuit art on display at the museum. I found this piece quite evocative, the piece seems to evoke a feeling of contemplation. Perhaps it is just my perception, what do you think?

To see more monochrome shots, visit the Weekend in Black and White.

Old and new

I love it when modern architecture is added to an older building and I think it works very well in this particular instance. This building is part of the University of Toronto capmpus: the glass, steel and brick all combine to make something wonderful! If you 'd like to see more reflections, visit Weekend Reflections.

PS: Happy Friday the 13th! I hope today will be lucky for me, I have my very first job interview in Canada. Please send good thoughts my way!

Look up!

I love looking up! You often find wonderful details that might have otherwise been missed. I found this decorative ceiling on the University of Toronto campus. What intricate details, I love it!


Glow is a newly popular restaurant in Toronto, it has been featured on several food programs and talk shows. The philosophy behind the business is to offer healthy eating options in a relaxed atmosphere. I ate here a few weeks ago and I have to say they have succeeded in their mission. The food was delicious and I especially loved their mini desserts which had no more than 250 calories each. All the taste and none of the guilt!

To see more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

John Kay

Another grave stone from the Toronto Necropolis. It appears to be quite an old stone, I love the white and gray and all the carved details.

To see more cemetery shots, take a look at Tadophile Tragics.

Inuit clothing

One of the most interesting things at the Inuit Art Museum was the traditional clothing. I always find clothes and shoes fascinating, they're one of my favorite things to see in museums. I imagine someone spent hours  upon hours over this particular garment and I can see the love in it.

Today's golf

Not an especially exciting shot, but the weather this morning was beautiful for golf. Unfortunately, more clouds came in and hid the sun later on. But the first nine were played under beautiful blue skies! My game seems to be coming back a little bit too.


Made it home safely tonight! This trip may be my last from Tegel airport in Berlin as it is slated to close this summer with the opening of the new wing of Schoenefeld. It's a little sad as I like this airport alot - it's always easy to get in and out of. 

No matter what happens, I'm happy to be home!

Blue skies above

A last look at the Square One mall in Mississauga. This is the skylight that was making the wonderful shadows on my "cobblestone". It also let in lots of sunlight and allowed shoppers to enjoy a bit of the blue sky day.

Happy weekend everyone! I'll be on my way back to Toronto tomorrow. It's been fun here in Berlin, but it's nice to get home too. To enjoy more reflections from around the world, take a look at Weekend Reflections.


Sometimes I just get a craving for sushi. When I do, there's a little place that I like to go to that has a great chirashi plate. It's nothing fancy, but the fish is always fresh and beautifully presented. In fact, I'm thinking my husband and I need to make a stop here when we get back to T-town.

Door to Saint Thomas

I do like red doors! This one will tkae you into the Saint Thomas church. This particular place of worship is of the Anglican denomination and it's located on the campus of the University of Toronto.

Besides the red door and the brick facade, I also like the street lamp. It all comes together as a very welcoming place.

Square one

As promised, here's a look at the centrepoint of Sunday's "cobblestone" shot. I couldn't find any information about this piece on the internet, but I'm curious to know what it all means. I am assuming it has something to do with the First Nations tribes that certainly lived in this area before the Europeans. I found it quite interesting and would love to know more!

I'm considered this a sign of sorts and if you'd like to see more, visit Signs, Signs.

Inuit bench

Ok, it's not exactly an Inuit bench, but it was at the Inuit Museum! It looks more like something from the Barcelona chair collection by Mies van der Rohe. A pretty fancy seat, although I didn't see anyone using it. Maybe it was so nice, they didn't dare to!

April theme day: Cobblestones

I know these aren't exactly cobblestones, but I hope it will do! Since I've been on a bit of a mall kick, I thought I'd show you the tile mosaic from the Square One mall in Missisauga. It's a giant shopping center like so many others, but I found the way the sun shone through the skylight above made a nice shadow on this tile floor. I'll show you a more close-up view of the centrepoint later this week.

If you'd like to see some real cobblestones, take a look at the CDP theme day blog!
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