Merry Christmas

Here's wishing you the merriest of Christmases! This is the nighttime scene in front of City Hall with a beautifully lit tree and a bonus full moon.

Crystal tree

Happy Christmas Eve! The Swarovski tree is the centerpiece of the Eaton Centre's holiday decorations. You don't want to know how much these decorations cost, a pretty penny, I can assure you! But they certainly look nice.

Holiday treats

I recently volunteered to bake and decorate cookies for a fundraiser for a school for handicapped children. It was quite fun, although I mainly stuck to the baking part. I don't think my hand is steady enough for the decorating. The treats looked tasty, but since they were for charity I didn't taste!

Tis the season

Unfortunately I didn't have time to see The Nutcracker this year, hopefully next year! I'm off today for some holiday fun in the sun. I won't be back until after the new year, but I'm putting up as many automatic posts as I can. Hope you'll enjoy!

Touch of blue

If you remember a few weeks ago, I went to the taping of the Steven and Chris Show. The show is broadcast by the Canadian Broadcast Centre which has its own fancy building right downtown. It's quite impressive, I especially like this big skylight which is beautiful on a sunny blue sky day like this one! 

Happy Friday everyone! If you like skies, take a look at Skywatch.

Belly up

The new Loblaws downtown has so many cool features, including a full-service sushi bar. The chefs prepare the seafood delights right in front of your eyes (and perhaps a couple of others watching through the window). You can either eat your delicacies here at the bar or take them with you to enjoy later. I may have to come back and give this place a taste test.

Time to discover!

I like the way some of the street signs have an extra added slogan. I think Discovery District is a nice name. Let's get to the discovering! 

To see more signs, click on over to Signs, Signs.

Try one!

The produce display at the new Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws was fantastic. There was so much variety and it was all so beautifully organized. The people working there were also really friendly.  This man assured me the apples were all crisp and fresh. What a tempting display!

If you love red like I do, check out Ruby Tuesday.


I've shown you a bit of the recently refurbished Maple Leaf Gardens already, but this display is one of the highlights. An artist has taken the old stadium seats, painted them blue and arranged them in the form of a maple leaf to honor the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL team that used to play here. I think it's quite original and a good way to re-use some of the material that was inside the old stadium.

Don't worry, Toronto hasn't lost its beloved Leafs. The Leafs and the Raptors both play in the Air Canada Centre - a newer and larger capacity stadium which was built for them in the early 2000s. It's right next to Union Station which also makes it a more convenient destination for those using public transport.

Decked out

The Hudson Bay Company (also known locally as The Bay) has its downtown windows decorated for the season. 

I love all the different vignettes. These two are the ones that came out the best. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Domed in

Some of the subway entrances here in Toronto have domes over them. They make nice photographic opportunities and more importantly, help keep the cold winds out in the winter!

If you'd like to see more monochrome, check out the Weekend in Black and White.

Sky over golf

It's the last look at Tyandaga, the golf course where neighbors apparently have been flashed! I just love the golden light washing over everything. 

Happy Friday! If you like skies, check out Skywatch.

Checking out

Here's another look at the new Loblaw's supermarket downtown. I wonder if they will always have every checkout line open here. From experience, I can tell you their other stores are not so well-staffed. But at least they're keeping up for now!

Party time!

A new Loblaws supermarket recently opened in downtown Toronto. Normally a grocery store opening wouldn't garner much news coverage but this one is special. It's located inside the Maple Leaf Gardens building, the former home of Toronto's hockey team, the Maple Leafs. 

I toured the building last Thursday. It was pretty crowded and there were people taking pictures all over the place. I'll show you some of the highlights over the next few weeks. Enjoy!


Something about this window display caught my eye, I think it was the red bicycle. I found this shop on Queen Street. 

If you'd like to see more red, head over to Ruby Tuesday!  And don't miss more shots from my recent trip to Berlin on my Travel Blog.

On the ice

The skating season has officially begun! Ice rinks around the city opened up this weekend. I'm going to have to buy a pair of skates and get out there. Skating is one of the few winter activities that I actually enjoy.

Perfect landscape

I hope you're not tiring of golf course shots. This lovely landscape comes to you from Indian Wells, a gem of a course tucked into the Niagara Escarpment. This shot was from early October when the leaves were just starting to turn. I was looking through my archives and felt it a shame not to show this shot. I think it's near perfect! 

Hope you are having a perfect weekend as well. Don't forget to stop by my travel blog for a look at Berlin.


A group of golfers reflecting on their next shot. This one comes to you from Tyandaga. It's a municipal golf course owned and operated by the city of Burlington. It's also apparently the site of plenty of public peeing

To see more reflections, visit Weekend Reflections.

On set

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went to a taping of a Canadian talk show Steven and Chris. It was really fun, although my hands got a little sore from all the clapping. Our episode is set to air next Thursday (Dec 7th), I've already got my TiFaux set up to record!

December theme day: Action

Here's some TTC action for you! The train was just arriving at Saint George station and I was lucky to catch it at the right moment to create some action blur. Generally speaking, I like the subway here. It could just use a little expansion. Two lines just doesn't seem like enough for a city with more than five million people.

If you'd like to see more action shots from around the world, click here. And I've got some action in the Tiergarten Park from Berlin for you on my travel blog.

Sign of necessity

I find it a bit odd that a sign like this is necessary, but I guess the neighbors  got tired of seeing  a little more than they wanted to! To see more signs from around the world, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Red and green

Since I never got the memo as to when it's ok to put up the tree in Canada, I decided to follow the American custom and put it up this past weekend (after the Thanksgiving holiday). It's mainly red and silver, although there's a bit of gold in there too. Bring on the holidays!

To see more red from around the world, visit Ruby Tuesday. And I've still got more shots from Berlin on my travel blog.

Sidewalk art

This work was spotted on Queen Street. One of the best places to walk around Toronto and soak up some atmosphere. I'm not sure about the drawing, but I like the colors and the message at least.

I've got some photos of my recent trip to Berlin up on my travel blog. Stop by and take a peek!

From behind

A different view on the small falls I showed you earlier this week. I hope you've enjoyed the highlights of my visit to the Toronto Zoo. I hope the weather will be nice this week so I can get out and shoot some new subject matter for you to enjoy.

Black and white in black and white

A look at these black and white fellows in monochrome. They were one of my favorite exhibits at the zoo. 

To see more monochrome shots from around the world, visit the Weekend in Black and White.

Pink and green

Most people are thinking more red and green this time of year, but I thought it would be good to shake things up! Hope all my American friends had a great Thanksgiving Day and do not get trampled in the black Friday shopping crowds today. To the rest of you, Happy Friday!

Fall benches

A set of benches from the Toronto Zoo. I thought they looked quite nice with the fall colors around. 

Luckily it seems my internet problems are solved. I hope they don't come back. Now it's time to tackle the job issue.

Look at me

I believe this peacock was on the hunt for a stray french fry or potato chip. Lots of people were feeding the animals around the food court, despite the signs asking people to refrain from such behavior. Sadly, no amount of fries got him to open his wings in a colorful display.

Unfortunately, I am having technical difficulties again. However this time it's my ISP which is to blame. I hope to have the internets back up and running soon (right now I'm at the public library). I apologize in advance for my sparse commenting as of late. The lack of internets at home is also hindering my job search.

Hi there

A big friendly hello from your local moose. His eyes look so gentle. Who couldn't love this animal which has become so much a symbol of Canada?


A black and white beauty seen at the Toronto Zoo. I visited in late September, but when going through my archives I realized I had never shown any of these shots. Hope you'll enjoy the highlights!

PS: I have a last taste of Rome this week on my travel blog. Stop by and take a look at the Eternal City.

Small falls

A replica of Niagara Falls at the Toronto Zoo. Plus some colorful birds! Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Club house

This is the club house at the Cardinal Golf course which is just outside Toronto proper. I really like the design and the landscaping on this course is also fantastic. I hope the winter is a quick one so I can get back out and play. Although ice skating and cross country skiing might be fun as well!

Fall reflections

Another look at the autumnal weather at the G Ross Lord Park. This photo was taken before I left for my little jaunt in Germany, so I imagine if I went back today most of these leaves would be gone. The trees in my yard are almost bare, I predict there will be some raking in my weekend plans. I guess you've got to find some way to keep occupied once the golf season is over!

If you'd like to see more reflections from around the world, take a look at Weekend Reflections. And you'll also be happy to know my internet is up and running again. I just reset my computer back to a date before it started having the problems and it seems to be working (for now, at least). Happy weekend everyone!

Down the path...

Another look at the autumn scenes here in Toronto. I love the golden colors and the blue skies.

Unfortunately, my computer is having some technical issues which don't allow me to get on the internet. This is seriously affecting my job search and blogging. I hope to have it fixed sometime soon, until then posting and commenting may be sporadic.

Golden times

The fall in Toronto actually wasn't too bad this year. It was certainly better than I expected it to be. And I love the fall colors everywhere. We didn't get a lot of this back in Jackson. 
I'm back from Germany today. Hope it won't take me too long to recover and get back on track with my job search and everything. Hope you have enjoyed my blog on auto pilot and that you'll stick around for some live action!

Big bloom

A last look at what came up in my garden this year. I just couldn't resist showing a shot of this beautiful dahlia. I really hope I can get them to come back next year. I love the deep red shade of this variety. 

To see more red shots from around the world, visit Ruby Tuesday. I'll be back from Berlin tomorrow!

Little one

For the record, I don't like squirrels. They eat your tulip bulbs and your bird seed and just generally mess up your yard. But I have to admit this little one is pretty cute.

Hope you are still enjoying ODT while I'm on break in Berlin. I've also got some nice shots on my travel blog. Stop by and take a look.

Seat in the shade

Here's a nice place to stop and rest for awhile. I just love those big trees and all the shadows they're making. This shot also comes to you from the G. Ross Lord park. 

To see more monochrome shots from around the world, visit the Weekend in Black and White. Just a few more days and I'll be back. Hope you're still enjoying the blog on auto-pilot.

Shiny skies

This reflection comes to you from Hidden Lake golf course. I've played there several times and although I've had some good golf shots there, it's been hard to get photos. I think this one's a keeper though!

To see more reflections from around the world, visit Weekend Reflections.

Fall colors

A look at the fall effects around my home in Toronto. I found this scene at G Ross Lord Park, it's not far from where I live and there are some lovely trails to stroll and take in some nature. You certainly don't feel like you're in one of North America's largest cities when you're inside.

If you'd like to see more beautiful skies from around the world, visit Skywatch. And hope you are still enjoying Toronto on auto-pilot.

Osgoode, osgoode station

If you like shopping, this is the stop to take in Toronto. You'll land right on Queen Street where all the cute and funky little boutiques are. It's one of my favorite areas for browsing.

Next generation

Have you gotten his message? I guess I'm not one of his Twitter favorites. Ah well...

To see more humorous signs from around the world, visit Signs, Signs. Hope you're still enjoying the blog on auto pilot!

Star style treats

I had some gelato in Hollywood recently. Not Hollywood, California, but the place did have a certain style. And the creamy treats were delicious! 

To see more red shots from around the world, take a look at Ruby Tuesday.

Passing through

Once you pass under this fancy structure, you're inside the actual Necropolis Cemetery. Lots of famous Torontonians are buried there like Joseph Bloore. It's a nice place for an afternoon stroll. I've always loved cemeteries and this one was no exception.

I hope you're still enjoying the blog on auto pilot. I'll be back soon and with new shots of Berlin!


Here's a look inside the chapel. I love that roof and the beautiful stained glass window. Hope you are enjoying these posts while I'm away. Look for new shots on my travel blog when I get back.

Necropolis chapel

Here's a look at the chapel I was telling you about yesterday. Isn't it lovely? I love the Gothic style and all of that wonderful ivy growing on the walls. And the cemetery is quite a nice place for an afternoon stroll as well.

Hope you are enjoying One A Day on auto-pilot. Hopefully I'll have some new shots for my travel blog when I get back.


I thought about posting this shot on Halloween, but decided my spider was a better choice. I found this chapel and its cemetery just across from the Riverdale Farm. Check back tomorrow to see more of the chapel itself. Despite the somewhat macabre, although descriptive, name it is quite quaint.

PS: I'm headed to Berlin for ten days to see friends and family. My blog will be on auto-pilot while I'm away, but I hope to do some blogging while I'm there. On our last visit we got my MiL hooked up with high-speed internet and a WiFi modem, so I must take advantage of it!

Another barnyard friend

Here is my last friend from the Riverdale Farm. She looks a little wistful to me. Perhaps she's mulling over which piece of hay to munch on next.

Riverdale barn

This is the very barn where I met Chickie and the porcine smoochers. I love the look of the wood. But don't be fooled, it may look rustic but you can be sure this barn is well-cared-for and will be around for awhile. 

If you'd like to see more barns, check out Barn Charm. I'm sure you'll find some beauties!
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